When you need a medical procedure – or want to feel confident that a loved one is receiving the best care – you can take comfort in knowing that our medical team at Boone Memorial are among the top in their field. Boone Memorial provides the highest-quality care for all your minor medical procedures, including womens' health and surgeries.

Minor Procedures

Dr. Howard W. Lafferty, Jr., D.O.

Kevin Hill, MPAS, PA-C

Our trained family physicians offer the following procedures in their office or procedure suite. This saves patients time, energy and the extra cost of seeing a referred surgeon, gynecologist or dermatologist while maintaining continuity of care with a physician who is thoroughly aware of the patient’s medical history.



Joint Injections

Including but not limited to:

  • Knee

  • Shoulders

  • Hips

  • Trigger finger and trigger point injections


Corticosteroids are most commonly administered but Synvisc is also offered for knee joints. Synvisc is an injection used to treat knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.


Punch Biopsy of the skin

Useful in the work up of:

  • Skin Cancers

  • Pigmented lesions

  • Inflammatory lesions

  • Chronic skin disorders such as rashes


Shaving of Lesions

A superficial shave of the skin that removes a thin disk of tissue.



A type of surgery that involves the use of extreme cold to destroy abnormal tissues, such as tumors of the skin.


Curettage and Electrodessication

Skin cancer cells are scraped away using a special instrument called a curette and an electric current delivered via a metal tip is used to locally burn away remaining skin cancer cells.


Excisional Surgery

Surgery to remove (excise) skin lesions. It removes the entire skin lesion along with a border (margin) of normal-appearing skin.


Fishhook removal (including other foreign bodies)

Fishhook removal can require minor surgery depending on where and how it lodged and with what type of hook. We also remove other foreign bodies such as metal and glass.


Lipoma excision fatty tumor removal


Epidermoid (sebaceous) cyst excision


Repairs of the skin using Advanced Suturing Techniques as well as Basic Suturing Techniques


V-Y pedicle plasty of a fingertip amputation

Fingertip amputations are common injuries. If a hand surgeon or plastic surgeon is not nearby, a trained family physician can easily perform the required surgery in their office using a local block lidocaine injection for anesthesia of the finger.


Stage 3 Ingrown toenail removal

Stage 3 ingrown toenails are characterized by redness, pain with pressure to the lateral nail fold, drainage and/or infection, granulation tissue growth, lateral nail-fold hypertrophy. This surgical procedure does require training in electrosurgery.


Hemorrhoidectomy for painful thrombosed external hemorrhoids

The key to this procedure is that the tender, thrombosed external hemorrhoids can be surgically removed in the office if the patient presents within the first 72 hours after symptom onset.




  • Birth control implants including Implanon/Nexplanon and IUD. Insertion and removal is offered.

  • Endometrial biopsy, useful in the work up of abnormal uterine bleeding, cancer screening and infertility evaluation.

  • Bartholin gland cyst (a painful vulvar cyst) marsupialization or Word catheter placement.




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BMH Surgery
BMH Surgery

Surgical Services Include:


Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)


General Surgery


Minor Procedures 


Dr. Shane Edward Cook, MD 
  • Removal of skin cancers

  • Removal of benign non-malignant skin lesions

  • Cyst removal

  • Lipoma removal

  • Scar revision

  • Skin grafts

  • Mohs Surgery 

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT):

Dr. Charles Crigger
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of head and

       neck cancers, including skin cancers​

  • Surgery of the ears, nose, sinuses, 

       adenoids/tonsils, mouth, throat,

       vocal ​cords, neck, thyroid,

       parathyroid(s) and head


Dr. Bassam Haffar 
  • EGD 

  • Colonoscopy 

  • Feeding Tube Insertion 

  • Paracentesis 

  • Hemorrhoid Banding 

General Surgery:

Dr. Jodi Cisco  • Dr. David Ranson
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


  • Excision of Warts, Moles 

  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

  • Breast Biopsy

  • Mass Excision

  • Cyst Removal 

  • Laparoscopic Appendectomy 

  • Incision and Drainage of abscess 

  • Debridement of Wound 

  • Colonoscopy 

  • EGD 

  • Hemorrhoidectomy 

  • Pilonidal Cystectomy 

  • Mastectomy 

  • Ganglion Cyst Removal 

  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy 

Dr. Howard W. Lafferty 
  • Joint Injections 

  • Wart/Mole Removal 

  • Ganglion Cyst Removal 

  • Removal of Skin Lesions 

  • Removal of Toe Nail 


Dr. Stephen Cassis  •  Dr. James Caudill   
  • Cataract Removal 

  • Chalazion Removal