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Social Services

Call: 304.369.1230 Ext. 6801

BMH Social Services

Social Services


At Boone Memorial Hospital our goal is to ensure when patients leave our care they go home to the best environment possible to assure their wellness.


Our Social Services Department assists patients, their families and healthcare providers by providing social services that meet the physical, emotional and spiritual need of our patients. We help individuals, couples and families cope with the social, psychological, cultural and medical issues resulting from an illness.


Our Social Services staff helps patients fully utilize medical care and services by:

  • Explaining health care resources and policies to patients, family and professional staff

  • Helping plan for post-hospital patient needs by arranging for services at another facility or in the home

  • Explaining to patients the epidemiology of diseases, including social environment risk factors

  • Helping patients and families receive needed follow-up care by referral to health care resources

  • Understanding the social, cultural and religious variables that contribute to patients' responses to illness and their use of health care resources

  • Providing advocacy through appropriate organizations


Our staff engages the patients and families by addressing their concerns re: illness, hospitalization, finances, insurances, and provides education concerning home/community services upon discharge. We coordinate all aspects of patients' continuum of care by working in close consultation and collaboration with the physician, family, patient, interdisciplinary team and the community. 

Nurse Talking to Patient
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