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Boone Memorial Hospital Celebrates Unsung Healthcare Heroes: Environmental Services Week

Boone Memorial Hospital celebrates International Housekeepers & Environmental Services Week. Held every year during the second full week of September (12th-18th in 2021), International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week is a week dedicated to recognizing the efforts of hard-working custodial staff members.

A clean environment is vital to overall health and wellness. The Environmental Services Department at Boone Memorial Hospital take that responsibility to heart.

"They truly are our unsung heroes," said Chief Nursing Officer, Terri Castle, RN. "They work diligently to ensure our hospital and clinics are kept clean and sanitized. I am amazed by their commitment, especially during such a trying time. The staff continues to take extra cleaning precautions and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help combat COVID-19. They really care. They want the best for each patient, visitor and coworker who enters our facility."

Environmental Service personnel is the first line of defense against serious infections that may linger on surfaces in patient rooms, public areas, and throughout all Boone Memorial Hospital facilities.

"They do an excellent job preventing the spread of infection and keeping our hospital not only clean, but safe," said Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Underwood. "While our Environmental Services Department has always worked hard to create a clean, safe environment, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken this challenge to a new level. A challenge that they have tackled with courage and strength. I am proud of each and every team member. They work behind the scenes, often long hours, and do so with a positive attitude."

Boone Memorial Hospital has received excellent reviews for hospital cleanliness, which can be attributed to the hard work of the Environmental Services team.

"We take pride when we look at our facility," said Castle. "While it takes our entire team of hospital personnel working together to ensure a great experience and the highest quality of care for our patients, it's important to recognize and thank our Environmental Services team members for the huge role they play in patient and visitor safety both during and prior to the pandemic."

Each team member received the pictured T-Shirt that reads: 'Environmental Services: Standing Strong on the Front Line'.

*Picture 1: Various members of the Environmental Services Department

*Picture 2: The back of the shirt each member received to celebrate their hard work and dedication

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