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BMH responds to mask donation efforts

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, community members have offered unwavering support to Boone Memorial Hospital staff and patients.

"In this time of uncertainty, it's humbling how many people want to help," said Boone Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Underwood. "We continue to receive inquiries from churches, civic groups and organizations who want to make and donate masks." The hospital Auxiliary has already donated 233 homemade cloth masks, along with several other individuals and organizations.

"The masks are greatly appreciated," said Underwood. "While the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends that healthcare providers wear surgical face masks, patients are being asked to wear a cloth face covering like the ones being made by our Auxiliary. These gracious donations allow us to continue in our efforts to provide in-person care."

The hospital currently has an adequate amount of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for its staff. However, additional cloth masks are requested to give patients who enter the facility.

"Not everyone has a mask," said Underwood. "Based on the Governor's declaration requesting everyone wear a mask in public, the need has increased for our patients. "We want to make certain we have enough."

The hospital has placed collection bins at the main entrances of the Family Medical Center, located on the hospital campus and the BMH Medical Clinic, located off-campus at 660-A South Main Street, beside the Madison Post Office.

Lisa Brown, BMH Administrative Assistant, is handling mask collection and donations. Please contact Lisa at 304-369-1230 Ext. 5514 or if you have questions or plan to make a donation so she can arrange for pick-up and distribution.

"Our list of donors is long," said Underwood. "To recognize donors, we are adding each individual, business or organization to our website at We at Boone Memorial Hospital appreciate your continued support and selfless acts during this unprecedented time."

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