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Additional BMH providers to offer telemedicine services during COVID-19

In recent news, Boone Memorial Hospital announced that it is now offering telemedicine in an effort to continue keeping its patients safe, while providing health services during COVID-19.

Telemedicine makes it possible for providers to treat patients whenever needed and wherever the patient is, by using a computer or smartphone.

BMH providers, Richard Knapp Jr., MD and Deborah Townsley, FNP will join physicians Amy Sayre, MD and Howard Wesley Lafferty Jr., D.O., to offer telemedicine. In addition, Dr. Charles Crigger (Ear, Nose & Throat) has joined BMH Specialists and colleagues; Dr. Melissa Moody (Psychiatry), Dr. Shane Cook (Dermatology) and Dr. Casey Hager (Cardiology).

Richard Knapp Jr., MD, Deborah Townsley, FNP, Amy Sayre, MD and Howard Wesley Lafferty Jr., D.O. are offering telemedicine services to any patient already established at a BMH Clinic. This includes patients who have only been seen in the Family Medical Center Walk-In Clinic. Even if someone is not currently a patient of one of the four providers listed above, they will still accept a patient via telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, as long as the person has been seen previously in one of the Boone Memorial Hospital Clinics.

Dr. Melissa Moody (Psychiatry), Dr. Shane Cook (Dermatology) and Dr. Charles Crigger (Ear, Nose & Throat) are currently seeing new and established patients, as previously scheduled, and have telemedicine capability during the COVID-19 pandemic for patients unable to attend visits. In most cases, a face-to-face physical assessment prior to telemedicine is not required.

Dr. Casey Hager (Cardiology) will offer follow-up appointments via telemedicine services only to his already established patients.

BMH providers are still accepting new patients. However, new primary care patients should be physically present for an initial appointment with a provider at one of the

Boone Memorial Hospital Clinics before utilizing telemedicine services.

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