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Changes to the Boone Memorial Pharmacy

∙ Delivery ∙ Extended Hours ∙ Temporarily Drive-Thru or Delivery ONLY ∙ Mobile Pharmacy App

In response to COVID-19 and an effort to keep our patients, community and staff safe, we have implemented various exciting changes to the Boone Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy. Changes include a new delivery service, a user-friendly mobile app and extended hours, including Saturday. In addition, the Pharmacy will temporarily be opened by drive through or delivery service only during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want to keep our patients safe yet ensure they receive their medications in a timely manner,” said David Gresham, BMH Chief Development Officer. “Therefore, we will be open only via our drive-through or delivery until the COVID-19 threat subsides.”

Beginning March 30th, new pharmacy hours, including the drive-through, will be Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

“We have made these changes to better accommodate our patients,” said Joey Wright, BMH Pharmacist.

In addition to extended hours, the BMH Outpatient Pharmacy will offer delivery of medication to patients' homes and to the Boone Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic, located off the hospital campus beside the Madison Post Office. Delivery hours are currently 8:30am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday only.

“The home delivery service, along with delivery to our BMH Medical Clinic will also go into effect March 30th,” explained Angie Christian, BMH Executive Director of Ancillary Services. “If patients see one of our providers at the BMH Medical Clinic, they will be given the opportunity to have their prescriptions delivered to them at that location before they leave,” she explained. “This will save people time and added stress of having to travel to another location to pick up their prescriptions.”

“In regard to home delivery, as of now we will deliver to locations within 5 miles of Boone Memorial Hospital,” explained Wright. “However we may extend those parameters at a later date. If you aren’t sure if your location qualifies, please give us a call at 304-369-8821. Also, no weekend hours for delivery services are offered at this time,” he said.

The hospital also introduced a new community pharmacy app. The BMH “My Community Pharmacy” mobile app allows patients to safely store and manage prescriptions, request medication refills while on the go 24/7, set reminders to take medications, and stay up-to-date on health news. The app can be downloaded at and is free of charge.

“If you have any questions regarding our changes or need assistance downloading our new app, please call us at 304-369-8821. We are here for you and want to make your experience using our Pharmacy a positive one,” concluded Gresham.


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