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Boone Memorial wins HOSPAC Over the Top Award

On September 25th, 26th and 27th at the WVHA (West Virginia Hospital Association) Annual Meeting at The Greenbrier Hotel, Boone Memorial Hospital was presented with the "Over the Top" - Non-System award.

This award goes to the hospital with under 100 beds that exceeded its goal by the largest percentage for non-system hospitals.

Boone Memorial Hospital exceeded its goal by nearly 300%.

HOSPAC is an independent political action committee, organized and supported by persons who support the improvement of healthcare in West Virginia, and who support hospitals and their role in improving healthcare. HOSPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan organization whose purpose is to provide financial support to candidates for election in West Virginia, and to support issues and measures that improve healthcare in West Virginia.

Pictured first is Kevin Fowler, Chair of the HOSPAC Board of Trustees with Boone Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Underwood.

Secondly, pictured accepting the “Over the Top Hospital” award were (left to right) Mark Linville (Chief Operating Officer), Angie Christian (Executive Director of Ancillary Services), Terri Castle (Chief Nursing Officer), Virgil Underwood (Chief Executive Officer), Robert "Bob" Brown (Board President), David Gresham (Chief Development Officer), Nada Woodie (Board Member), Susan McCoy (Board Member) and Tom Bias (Board Member).

Pictured lastly is Boone Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Underwood with BMH Board President, Robert "Bob" Brown.

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