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Boone Memorial Hospital employees donate to Energy Express

Employees and Administration at Boone Memorial Hospital collected items for young teens in need for the upcoming school year. The project was put into motion by Energy Express and Jeff Mosteller, Director of Nuclear Medicine and the Radiology Department at BMH.

Amy Frye, Respiratory Therapy Clerk at Boone Memorial, handled all program logistics. Items donated included toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, combs/brushes, body sprays, sanitary napkins, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, hand sanitizer and more.

All donations were sent to the Brookview Elementary School Energy Express Program, located in Boone County, WV. For more information or to make a donation, contact Ariel Price at 304-369-1012.

Special thanks to the many hospital employees who graciously gave items and money and to hospital administrators Virgil Underwood (CEO) and Mark Linville (COO) for supporting the program and assisting with donations.

​Pictured above: Left to Right: Jeff Mosteller, BMH Director of Nuclear Medicine and the Radiology Department, Willie Carte, Director of the Black Lung Center/Respiratory Deptartment and Amy Frye, Respiratory Therapy Clerk.

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