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New BMH Dermatologist visits Rotary

Boone Memorial Hospital Dermatologist, Dr. Shane Cook was a guest speaker at the Madison Rotary on July 11th.

Rotarian and Physician Assistant, Jerry Quisenberry stated, "Most medicare forms ask if you've visited a dermatologist recently. Without an exam you may have skin issues you don't realize."

In addition, Rotarian and State Senator, Dr. Ron Stollings said, “This is a big deal. How many small towns have a Dermatologist on site? It’s great to welcome Dr. Cook to Rotary and back home to Madison. We are so fortunate to have a medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologist here locally.”

Dr. Cook is the son of Wendle and Tammy Cook and grandson of retired judge and lawyer, Jerry Cook. He is married to Emily (parents Dean & Lisa Dolan). He and Emily have a son Winston and reside in Madison. Dr. Cook was presented by Rotarian Jerry Quisenberry.

Dr. Cook is ready to help resolve your skin issues...i.e., rashes, lesions, wart & mole removal, issues with eczema, psoriasis, etc. No issue is too small for a consultation.

Call BMH 304-369-8826 to schedule your appointment or visit

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