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BMH helps Miners in the Beckley area file Black Lung Claims

The Boone Memorial Hospital Black Lung Center in Madison is extending its services across the State of West Virginia by offering free outreach events aimed at helping miners complete their federal black lung claims.

On December 5th, the hospital helped 100 miners complete their claims.

"Miners have helped build this Country by providing coal to manufacture steel. We want to help them get the help and compensation they deserve, if in fact, they have black lung disease," said David Gresham, Chief Development Officer at Boone Memorial Hospital.

This outreach event is one of several the hospital has hosted since opening its Black Lung Center less than a year ago. The event was held at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center.

"We were thrilled to see so many come out," said Willie Carte, Director of The Black Lung Center at Boone Memorial Hospital. "It is our hope that these miners don't have black lung disease but we want to help them take the proper steps to complete their claims and get tested."

Once the claims are completed, the hospital sends to the DOL (Division of Labor). Within 3-4 weeks miners can expect a call to come in for testing.

"We realize miners have had to travel out of State for testing in the past. So we decided that in addition to helping them file their claims, we would offer black lung testing right here in Madison (Boone County)," said Gresham. "It keeps people closer to home."

If you were unable to attend the Beckley event and would like help filing your claim or need to schedule a black lung test, contact The Black Lung Center at Boone Memorial Hospital at 304-369-8825. Visit for a list of upcoming outreach events, which be listed at a later date.

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