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Kimberly Holstein Hill loses 80.5lbs in the Boone Memorial Hospital Healthy Lifestyle Program

Kimberly Holstein Hill tried many futile attempts to lose weight over the years, only to end frustrated and defeated. That was, until she found the Healthy Lifestyle Program at Boone Memorial Hospital.

“I literally tried everything to lose weight and failed miserably every time. I saw the advertisement for the program, which was entirely free, and thought I would give it one more try. Low and behold it worked,” said Kim.

Kim lost 80.5 pounds in the program and has reached her goal weight. She won the title of ‘Biggest Overall Loser’.

“I feel amazing.”

When asked what made this program different from so many others, Kim explained that she learned to eat differently, without feeling deprived.

“Our leader and trainer, Kathy Hill, APRN, FNP-BC, taught us how to eat properly without starving. She spent time teaching us strategies and giving us tips. Plus everyone in the program bounced ideas off of each other. When I first started the program I told Kathy that I couldn’t lose weight and I doubted it would even work. My exact words were ‘there’s no way I can lose weight.’ Thankfully I was wrong.”

Some of the tips from her fellow participants and Kathy that Kim incorporated included drinking soda only on cheat days, consuming plenty of water and replacing high fat/high calorie foods with healthier choices.

“I love chocolate milk,” said Kim. I now use skim milk with low fat Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Just changing little things makes a big difference.”

Kim explained that tracking food consumption was the key for her.

“I count my calories and write everything down. The time of day I eat and how many calories I consume. I even write down the 5 calories in a stick of chewing gum. I will do that forever; it keeps me accountable. While I was trying to lose weight I kept my calories to 1,200 per day. Right now I’m trying to stay at 1,500 calories since I have reached my goal weight. I will have to see if 1,500 is the key number for me to stay at my current weight. I may even be able to increase it a little. When I first started I gave myself one cheat day a week. Now I’m up to 2 days a week. That keeps me going.”

Kim said the program has changed her entire outlook.

“I now have a higher level of confidence. I’m not ashamed to go places and I actually feel proud when I walk in somewhere. Physically I feel about 90-95% better. I can even breathe easier. If it wasn’t for this program I know I would have gone downhill very fast. I would be in a very bad place right now. It has changed my life.”

Kim has gotten involved in country line dancing, which she attends twice a week at Glenda’s Dance Studio in Danville.

“I had danced for years but quit. I have the confidence to do it again.”

One of the highlights of Kim’s weight loss journey was her shopping spree.

“I got all new clothes. I donated mine to the Goodwill. It felt so good knowing I was getting new clothes. My oldest sister Sherry told me that when I got to 80lbs lost she would take me to buy an outfit, and she did. That made me feel great. My sis said losing 80lbs is a big deal, and I must say, she’s right.”

The 2019 Boone Memorial Hospital Healthy Lifestyle Program begins Thursday, January 17th. Classes will be held every Thursday during various times (TBD). The program lasts approximately one year.

When asked what Kim would tell those who are hesitant to participate in the program she said;

“I would tell people not to sit there and debate and say I NEED to do something. Say I’m GOING to do something. I promise, it will work.”

To learn more about the Boone Memorial Hospital Healthy Lifestyle Program you can attend one of two Informational seminars, which will be held on Thursday, January 10th at 9:30am and 6:00pm at BMH. You can also visit for details.

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