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Boone Memorial Hospital gives to local high school basketball programs

The original Boone Memorial Hospital opened its doors in 1964. The new 77,000 square foot facility opened in June of 2016. Throughout the years, the hospital has supported a number of non-profit organizations and schools by providing monetary donations as well as in-kind support.

“We receive numerous donation requests per year,” said hospital Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Underwood. “While we can’t always provide financial support to every organization, we do support as many as possible. We also partner with a number of agencies to host events such as diabetic education classes, lunch and learns, blood drives, flu shot clinics, health fairs and more.” he added.

David Gresham, Chief Development Officer at Boone Memorial explains, “We realize we can’t give to everyone but we track donation requests in order to fairly distribute across the hospital’s serving area while adding new programs each year, as our budget allows.”

The hospital made a contribution to the 2017 Chapmanville Regional High School Bob Runyon Memorial Tournament held in December. This contribution helped offset tournament costs. In addition, the hospital purchased shooting shirts for both boys and girls basketball teams at Scott and Van High Schools.

“We feel it’s important to support our local high schools,” said Underwood. “We were happy to help and wish all teams a successful year.”



Picture 1 Scott High School (left to right) Caleb Dingess (10th), Steve McCommas (High School Boys Basketball Coach), Virgil Underwood (Hospital CEO), Brandon Burns (High School Girls Basketball Coach), Brooke Burns (11th)

Picture 2 Scott High School (left to right) Dianna Birchfield (10th), Hannah Boyd (11th), Gabby Justice (12th), Virgil Underwood (Hospital CEO), Brandon Burns (High School Girls Basketball Coach), Brooke Burns (11th), Kaylee Justice (12th)

Picture 3 Van High School (left to right) Brandon Moore (12th), Leah Grant (12th), Steve Price (High School Boys Assistant Basketball Coach), MJ White (12th), Daniel Gibson (12th)

Picture 4 Chapmanville High School (left to right) Drew Williamson (12th), Dylan Smith (12th), James Ellis (12th), Kyle Browning (12th)

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