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Plastic Surgery now offered at the new Boone Memorial

Andy Stewart, MD

Boone Memorial Hospital is pleased to welcome Dr. Andy Stewart and Dr. Jeff Thaxton to the area. Stewart and Thaxton began providing services to residents of Boone, Lincoln, Logan and surrounding counties on March 2, 2017. They offer plastic surgery including breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast augmentation, liposuction, breast augmentation w/mastopexy, full face lift, carpal tunnel release, removal of lesions, nose, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), brachioplasty (arm lift) and eyes (upper) in the new Boone Memorial Hospital Surgery Department. The hospital has 2 surgical suites, including 6 pre-op rooms and 7 post-op rooms, all new and technologically advanced.

Jeff Thaxton, MD

“The services we offer in our surgery department continue to grow,” said Chief Development Officer David Gresham. “In addition to Plastics we have added Podiatry, GYN (Women’s Health and Ophthalmology. We continue to offer General Surgery and Endoscopy as in years past. We hope to add Urology and Orthopedics in the future. We are very excited that Dr. Stewart and Thaxton are now performing cases at our new facility. It will give patients the opportunity to get the care they desire, close to home.”

Both Stewart and Thaxton are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Stewart grew up in small town Wyoming County, West Virginia. After attending West Virginia University’s undergraduate and medical schools he completed a residency in general surgery at Charleston Area Medical Center where he excelled in trauma and critical care. He then followed his passion for micro vascular and hand surgery to the University of Missouri where he was chief resident of plastic surgery. Dr. Stewart was first attracted to plastic surgery out of a fascination with the complex process of reattaching fingers and restoring the function of injured hands. More than 15 years later he has indeed operated on many hands, but he has also transformed the lives of numerous people through his passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Stewart planted his practice in Charleston, WV when he acquired the practice of former colleague, Dr. Jacques Charbonniez in 1995. Since that day, Dr. Stewart has built a patient base that spreads far across the state of West Virginia. Low-key with true old-fashioned bedside manner, Dr. Stewart takes pride in the smiles he sees on patients’ faces, knowing he’s helped a woman rediscover her true beauty.

Dr. Stewart is an accomplished musician who plays the piano, guitar, bass, and banjo. He is also an avid outdoorsman who enjoys riding his Harley and camping in the great outdoors. He and his wife Lisa are the proud parents of two children, Carly and Jack.

Dr. Thaxton grew up in the quintessential small town life of Sissonville, WV. After attending Marshall University’s undergraduate and medical schools, he jumped all the way to the Ivy League at New York City’s Columbia University. While at Columbia’s famous Physicians and Surgeons School of Medicine, Dr. Thaxton found his passion with plastic surgery. After studying in hospitals all over Manhattan, Dr. Thaxton missed being surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. Not quite ready to return home, Dr. Thaxton decided to polish his skills in Vail, Colorado.

After several successful seasons on and around the slopes of the Rockies, Dr. Thaxton decided to return home. He is passionate about more than just restoring the physical body; he strives to restore patients to their whole selves.

He is also fascinated by the rapidly growing field of aesthetics – and this includes not only surgery but non-surgical options. He realizes that looking one’s best boosts spirits, improves confidence and goes together with inner beauty.

“Creating a more youthful yet natural appearance is an art, a science and a skill,” says Dr. Thaxton.

He understands the subtleties and intricacies of creating a natural youthful appearance.

“As ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) members, at annual and sometimes biannual meetings, we as Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are the ones pondering the many details of what creates youthfulness while maintaining naturalness.”

He says this is one of the many important reasons for patients to look for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons seal; this assures consummate training and skill in the ever advancing field.

Dr. Thaxton says, “Creating a youthful look while maintaining a natural look is multi-factorial; it requires knowledge, skill and even state of the art equipment. We pride ourselves in constantly honing our knowledge, skill and tools for this quest.”

Dr. Thaxton and his wife Rebecca, herself an MD, are the proud parents of two children, MacKenzie and Maverik. When he’s not working, Dr. Thaxton stays busy coaching and attending his children’s many sporting events. He also spends the occasional afternoon riding his dirt bike and participates in a few motocross races each year.

Both Stewart and Thaxton have expressed their excitement about providing services at Boone Memorial. The feeling is quite mutual among hospital staff and the community. In addition to the surgeries being provided at Boone Memorial Hospital, Stewart and Thaxton offer additional services at their Charleston location. Some of which include microdermabrasion, cool sculpting, Juvederm XC, ThermiTight and much more.

To schedule an appointment at Boone Memorial Hospital call 304-369-8820.

For more information about services offered at the Charleston location visit


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