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BMH Employees awarded for healthy lifestyle changes

(Pictured left to right): 1st Place Wellness Team members with Hospital CEO: (Carolyn Halstead, Rose Isenberg, Pam Smith, Katie Tadlock (Team Leader), Virgil Underwood (Hospital CEO), Denise Williamson, Vicki Tadlock, Drema Huffman, Mary Doss and Maddy Farris)

Not Pictured: Bonnie Scott

Employees at Boone Memorial Hospital recently participated in a friendly competition with one goal in mind…to improve their overall health.

“We continually try to create ways to better not only the health of our patients but that of our employees,” said BMH Employee Wellness Coordinator and Nurse Practitioner, Blitz Turner.

“Therefore, we formed an Employee Wellness Committee who then developed a program to help make the goal more achievable.”

Members of the BMH Employee Wellness Team include Blitz Turner, FNP-BC (Wellness Coordinator and Nurse Practitioner at the BMH Medical Clinic), Carol Smith (Wellness Co-Coordinator and Referral Clerk at the BMH Rapid Care Clinic), Karlie Belle Price (Director, Marketing and Public Relations), Becky Spears (Director, Dietary), Willie Carte (Director, Pulmonary Rehabilitation), Dr. Richard Knapp (BMH Physician), Sheliah Cook (Director, Human Resources) and David “Matt” Downey (Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation).

Blitz explained that the program was not developed just to target weight loss.

“Although weight loss is often a by-product of participation in any employee wellness program, it was not our main focus.”

The wellness team created a goal sheet with various wellness actions. Teams of ten were formed and team members earned points for each wellness action completed. Some of the actions included; getting a flu shot and wellness exam, completing physical activity 3 times a week and increasing daily water intake.

Over 100 Boone Memorial Hospital Employees participated in the challenge. The Top three teams were; 1st Place: Katie Tadlock’s Team with 4,334 points, 2nd Place: Willie Carte’s Team with 3,662 points and 3rd Place: Carol Smith’s Team with 2,926 points.

Leader of the winning team, Katie Tadlock, explained that her team truly wanted to win so they were determined from the get-go.

“I think my team won because they wanted to show that it’s actually possible to stay dedicated and make positive lifestyle changes.”

The entire team was awarded their choice of a White Water Rafting trip or a gift card.

“We are so excited to have won and we can’t wait to go rafting. We hope our team does just as well on the next employee wellness challenge,” said Katie. “I personally have changed my eating habits and exercise regimen for the better. I have a weekly exercise schedule now that I’m strict about.”

Boone Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Underwood is a strong advocate of employee wellness.

“I believe strongly that our employees will live happier, longer lives if they make healthy life-style changes. We are all busy with 25-28 hours of responsibilities per day but you just have to make the time and do it. Katie’s team did just that, which is why they came out on top. You have to learn to let something else go in your busy daily routine in exchange for exercise or healthier choices. It’s a lifestyle change, but one that’s worth it.”

Boone Memorial Hospital’s wellness program will be on-going.

“This program is important. We will continue creating new avenues to allow our employees to better their overall health. As part of our mission and vision we strive to promote wellness and improve the health and quality of life for our patients and community. We want the same for our employees,” concluded Underwood.

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