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UC School of Pharmacy partners with BMH Wellness Program to offer health event

Students and Professors from the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy held a community health event at Boone Memorial Hospital on March 9, 2016. The event was part of the students Alternative Spring Break. Instead of taking a traditional spring break the Pharmacy students volunteered their time to provide health services to community members in the Madison area as well as hospital employees.

Services offered included medication reviews, blood pressure checks and blood sugar checks. The students and professors provided one on one consultation so guests could ask questions about their medications.

Boone Memorial Hospital Executive Director of Pharmacy, Robert Foster offered support by attending and bringing his senior WVU Pharmacy Student Intern Rachel Sharkey. Sharkey is completing her rural rotation in the BMH Pharmacy. Sharkey offered education on medication adherence tips.

The hospital Wellness Committee attended and offered information to staff about their upcoming wellness program. The Wellness Program will not be based solely on weight loss, but on overall health & wellness. Employees are encouraged to create teams of 10, which will earn points for various health initiatives such as Weight Management, Fitness, Disease Management and Healthy Lifestyles.

Employees stopped by to register their teams and earned 25 points. While registering for the program, employees got blood pressures and blood sugars tested by UC students. The day provided much needed education to the community while in turn giving college students additional experience as they grow closer to graduation.

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