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Boone County Community Foundation donates nearly 25K to the new Boone Memorial Hospital

The Boone County Community Foundation was established in 2001. Its mission is to ‘enrich the community by inspiring people to care for each other and future generations through service and charitable giving.’

“Community foundations help provide for the future charitable needs of the community by permanently endowing assets today,” said BCCF Board Member, Chip Shaffer. “There has long been the need for the establishment of a community foundation in Boone County. When the decline in the coal industry began to be foreshadowed, a group of community volunteers got together and began to lay the ground work for the Boone County Community Foundation. Thanks to the foresight of these individuals, the BCCF is now firmly established and continues to grow.”

The Founding Board Members of the BCCF are Chip Shaffer, Emma Byrnside, Terry Harless, Richard Stephens and Janet Yeager. Current Board Members are Mary Ann Browning (President), Connie Hendricks (Vice-President), Randy Foxx (Treasurer), David Quisenberry, Paul Hill and Chip Shaffer. The foundation distributes funding to nonprofit entities that serve Boone County residents.

Since its start-up, the foundation has given nearly $350,000 in grants. Just recently the foundation gave Boone Memorial Hospital $24,661 in support of the hospital building fund. The funds will be used to purchase X-Ray equipment for the new facility. The new hospital is scheduled to open this year.

“BMH is a wonderful facility that serves the people of Boone County,” said Mary Ann Browning, President of BCCF. “Since serving others is what our foundation is all about, we feel privileged to have granted over $56,000 to Boone Memorial for several projects over the past twelve years. The board members, which come from all areas of the county, make their decisions carefully with much consideration and are honored to be a part of this effort.”

“Simply put, if it wasn’t for faithful supporters like the Boone County Community Foundation, building a new hospital wouldn’t be possible. On behalf of our employees, board of directors, auxiliary and the entire community we thank members of the BCCF for their generosity,” said hospital CEO Virgil Underwood.

In 2015, the Foundation and its component funds made twenty distributions totaling an impressive $96,810 in grants and scholarships. This total includes grant recommendations from fund holders of donor-advised funds, scholarships awarded through the BCCF foundation scholarship selection committee and discretionary funds that were chosen through their competitive grant distribution committee. This total also includes a need-based grant that the BCCF received from the Yawkey Foundation and spending from the Westmoreland Fund, designated to BCCF by the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. BCCF is an affiliate of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, which helps manage their funds.

For more information about the Boone County Community Foundation visit

For more information about the Boone Memorial Hospital Capital Campaign please contact Fundraising Director, Denver Allen at 304.539.2242.

*Pictured (left to right): Connie Phillips, Managing Director (BCCF), Randy Foxx, Treasurer (BCCF), Mary Ann Browning, President (BCCF), Connie Hendricks, Vice-President (BCCF), Chip Shaffer (BCCF), Mark Linville, Chief Operating Officer (BMH) and Paul Hill (BCCF).

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