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Ambient Video

Close to home. Far from ordinary.

An innovative and immersive video experience.
Choose a theme, lay back, and relax. 

Philips Ambient Experience has transformed the traditional MR image room. The Ambient Experience in-bore Connect can help reduce patient anxiety and improve patient care. In some cases, Ambient Experience may be able to help reduce the number of rescans. The comfort and convenience of the Ambient Experience creates a warm and welcoming environment for patients and families.

The Ambient Experience in-bore Connect is linked in real-time with the Philips MR scanning software to provide information and guidance to the patient during scanning as well as information about scan progress. An immersive video experience distracts and entertains patients while lying in the bore.

Key benefits:
  • Improved patient experience (reduced stress, breath hold guidance, scan duration, reduced rescans)

  • A relaxing and reassuring MR experience

  • Improved patient and staff satisfaction and patient empowerment

Improved Patient Experience

MR examinations often require the patient to remain still, which may be especially difficult for adults and young children who are frightened. The video experience helps patients to relax, follow directions and minimize motion. Comfortable headphones allow patients to receive breath instructions and a personalized progress bar indicates duration to enhance compliance.

A Relaxing and Reassuring MR Experience

Our holistic approach to Ambient Experience for MR reduces patient stress by providing patients with an immersive, multisensory experience. Upon entering the imaging room, the patient selects one of the many themes, allowing them to personalize the bore with dynamic lighting, projection and sounds. This gives the patient a sense of control of the procedure, which provides positive distraction and reduces stress.


A few of many theme options:

Ocean Theme:

Panda Theme:

Fish Cartoon Theme:

Sunset Theme:


Aquilion ONE Genesis


Weekend MRI
appointments available
Location & Contact:

Contact our Radiology Department today to learn more about the Ambient Experience.


701 Madison Avenue

Madison, WV 25130


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