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Meds to Beds

With bedside delivery, patients leave with prescribed medications in hand.  

The Meds to Beds program at Boone Memorial affords patients the opportunity to have their prescriptions filled by our in-house, retail pharmacy prior to being discharged from the hospital. 


Upon admission, a medication history is collected. If the patient is interested in participating in the Meds to Beds program, we will register them and follow them throughout their stay. 


Upon discharge, our pharmacy will prepare their medications and deliver them directly to their bedside. Our pharmacist offers medication counseling and medication reviews. ​Bedside delivery provides an opportunity for pharmacy staff to answer patients’ questions and ensure they understand how to take their medications correctly—a service that is crucial for patients with complex conditions requiring multiple medications that come with confusing instructions.


Re-admissions to the hospital are often medication related. Therefore, we feel the convenience along with the education provided in our Meds to Beds Program will help improve patient outcomes. In addition, patients will save time and energy by skipping a trip to the pharmacy; one less stop means our patients get home faster. 


For more information regarding the Meds to Beds Program, please contact our Pharmacy or Inpatient Care. 



Inpatient Care

304.369.1230 Ext. 6300  

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