Make positive healthy lifestyle changes by joining

the Boone Memorial Hospital

Healthy Lifestyle Program


The BMH Healthy Lifestyle Program classes began in 2018. The year long program has been researched and certified by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). 


Participants are expected to attend classes once a week for the first six months, which is considered the Core Program. During the second six months of the year, class participants meet twice

a month, which is considered the Post Core. During Post Core, the class instructor will reinforce the information taught during the first six months. 


Classes last approximately one hour and include education and resources regarding nutrition, stress reduction, healthy living and diabetes prevention. Specific topics include healthy diet (how to read food labels, calorie or carbohydrate counting, portion sizes, eating more fruits and vegetables, decreasing sugary drinks and drinking more water). In addition, participants learn about mindless and emotional eating as well as physical activity and the importance of getting adequate sleep.

Weigh-ins are held weekly, which are private.


Classes are taught by hospital provider Kathy Hill, APRN, FNP-BC and take place on the third floor of the Hill Chiropractic Building (467 Main Street, Madison-off hospital campus). 


Community shows overwhelming support of BMH weight loss & diabetes prevention program

Kimberly Holstein Hill loses 80.5lbs in the Boone Memorial Hospital Healthy Lifestyle Program

"I am honored to continue this journey. Our success over the past couple of years has been wonderful. I'm anxious to see our results in the future as class participants learn and practice new habits. 

Let's do this, 

Boone County!"



accepting registrations
for 2021

Registration Steps:
*You only need to complete one of the two

1) Physician Referral

If your physician/primary care provider feels you can benefit from the program, ask he/she to make a referral. Your primary care provider should call Kathy Hill at 304-369-1230 Ext. 4904.


2) Screening Tool

If you don’t have a physician referral, you can complete a short screening tool. Program Director and Trainer, Kathy Hill, APRN, FNP will review and determine if you qualify. 

Download and print a copy HERE

You can also pick up a copy of the screening tool from Kathy Hill at the Hill Chiropractic Building, located on Main Street Madison

(3rd Floor) Monday - Thursday between 8:00am - 4:00pm. 


Complete and mail to:

Boone Memorial Hospital

701 Madison Avenue

Madison, WV 25130



Scan and email to: 

*Class space is limited

*Age Requirement: 18 years and up

*Children are not permitted in class sessions. 

Please make arrangements for childcare.

Call Kathy at 304.369.1230 Ext. 4904

for more information

Nurse Practitioner, Kathy Hill, shares tips and strategies for living a healthy life, including how to sign up for the BMH Healthy Lifestyle Program.


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