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Health Fair 


The 2017 Boone Memorial Hospital Health Fair is scheduled for Friday, October 6th.

The event will be held at the Madison Civic Center from 8:00am-1:00pm. The fair will offer discounted blood work and flu shots, health education, prizes, entertainment and healthy food, all at no cost to participants. Guests who bring in non-perishable food will receive an extra raffle ticket for a special prize drawing that will be held during the fair. Food donations will benefit local families in need.

This year's theme is 'Let our Family Care for Your Family'. Participants do not need to     pre-register to attend, however, those interested in becoming a Vendor or Sponsor can register by clicking below.

Vendor/Sponsor Registration Options:

CBC (Complete Blood Count): $10.00

CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) with Lipids II: $15.00

(Remember 12-14 hours fasting for Lipids)

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen Test): $20.00

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test): $10.00

HgbAIC (Hemoglobin A1C): $10.00

Vitamin D (test your Vitamin D levels): $30.00

Have Questions?

Need More Information?



Karlie Belle Price,

Marketing & Public Relations Director and Health Fair Planner

at 304-369-1230 Ext. 5506



For School Personnel

From 6:30am-7:30am current school personnel (principals, teachers, aides, counselors, janitorial, cooks, bus drivers, etc) from Boone, Lincoln or Logan counties get in early to receive blood work and flu shots. 




Bring in non-perishable food to the fair and receive an extra raffle ticket for a special prize drawing. All food will be donated to the Madison Baptist Church food pantry, which benefits local families in need. 

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