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Healthy Living with Diabetes


Diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) help people with diabetes learn how to take the best care of themselves. BMH is now accepting referrals for patients who may need this education. Referrals can be made by a provider or self-referrals are also accepted.


DSMES provides an evidence-based foundation to empower people with diabetes to navigate self-management decisions and activities. It is a cost-effective tool proven to help improve health behaviors and health outcomes for people with diabetes.

DSMES at BMH will be taught by a diabetic educator who will teach you how to stay healthy and how to make what you learn a regular part of your life.


  • Make better decisions about diabetes.

  • Work with their health care team to get the support they need.

  • Understand how to take care of themselves and learn the skills to:

    • Eat healthy

    • Be active

    • Check their blood glucose levels

    • Take medications appropriately

    • Solve problems

    • Cope with the emotional side of diabetes

    • Reduce the risk of other health problems



  • People who have the knowledge and support to manage their diabetes are healthier than those who do not.

  • Learning how to control your diabetes will save money and time, and help you have fewer emergency and hospital visits.

  • Knowing how and when to take your medication, how to monitor your blood sugar (glucose), and how to take care of yourself, helps you manage your diabetes better.

  • Managing your diabetes will help you avoid or delay serious health complications.

  • The skills you learn will help you take better care of yourself. Diabetes management starts with you.

It’s important to go for DSMES services when you first find out you have diabetes so you can learn how to take care of yourself.

Education and support provided by Kathy Hill, APRN, FNP-BC, CDE

(Certified Diabetic Educator)

How to Register:

Either provider or self-referrals can be sent to the Boone Memorial Hospital P.A.C.T​


Fax: 304.369.2926


Email: kjhill@bmh.org


Classes are 6 weeks in length.

Referrals can be sent year around, as classes are held various times annually.


Class Location:

Hill Chiropractic Building

3rd Floor - Education Dept.

467 Main Street Madison

Madison, WV 25130

For more information:

304.369.1230 Ext. 4904