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Sharon Dotson


If you need acute care and have asthma, C.O.P.D or any other lung problems or your oxygen levels drop why go to a hospital far away? Boone Memorial Hospital has changed a lot and its a wonderful hospital. They can take care of you very well; you should try them. They have wonderful doctors!

Debbie Runyon


I want to thank all the nice people at Boone Memorial Hospital for the great job they did. John had a colonoscopy and he was very impressed with the care and how we'll everyone did their job. He said not one person was rude or acted like they hated their job. Thanks to everyone. From the time we walked in til the time we left they were so good to him. Again I say thanks! You all were GREAT.

Trish Price


I had good service at Boone Memorial Hospital when I went to the Emergency Room after falling and breaking my arm. Nurse Practitioner Blitz Turner and the staff were professional, attentive and informative. The attendant at the Emergency Room Registration saw that I was in pain and immediately completed my sign in for me and gave the information to the Emergency Room staff. Also, another employee, Bridget Arbaugh, took time to ask if she could help. The Radiology staff were professional and as painless as they could be considering my injury.

Garland T. Price


I have definitely seen a big improvement in staff in the Emergency Room when I was seen back in June. I'm very impressed!

Wendell & Ginger Hill


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the doctors, nurses and entire staff at Boone Memorial Hospital for taking such good care of my husband Wendell on November 18 and again on November 20.
I realize there is not a lot that can be done for a kidney stone, but these professionals made him as comfortable as possible and helped him in anyway they could. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Esclene Moore Family

To all the Nurses at Boone Memorial Hospital, You were our support system during our Mothers last month and the year before. We can't ever THANK YOU enough for all you did. It wasn't just the nurses; the entire staff was there for us.

Joe Linville

Congratulations on the milestone that was finally reached in August of 2014 with the ground breaking for the new hospital for our community. I know it has been an uphill battle but now the dreams are coming to life. Your hard work and efforts are paying off. Looking forward to watching the new Boone Memorial Hospital come to life.

Betty Dolin

Congratulations and best wishes to Boone Memorial Hospital on building a new facility. Thank you for your determination in providing Boone County with the best health care possible. I can't wait to see the new hospital!

James Ferrell

I would consider Trish McClung at the BMH Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center the best in the State of West Virginia. A smile will do wonders for someone who has problems. She shows she cares and will do her best to help you. I won't go anywhere else to take Physical Therapy.

Michelle McClure Browning

The staff at BMH Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center are the best in WV! 

Carol Massey Price
My brother Steve Massey was the first baby born at Boone Memorial Hospital. My Mother said she had never been treated as well as she was when he born. She said that the nurses had him spoiled before he came home.
Melena Bias
I would like to thank everyone at BMH for doing everything possible to help my husband Michael Bias He did pass away but I still give thanks for what you all did for him and a special thanks to Kevin Hill for being a awesome provider and a great friend to Michael. He thought the world of Kevin and for that I am very grateful. 
Lisa Green-White
I would like to acknowledge Trish McClung in Physical Therapy. Not only is she a very caring and concerned Therapist, she is very knowledgeable in her field! Thanks Trish and all the Techs. You all are GREAT at what you do!
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