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Cardiac Rehabilitation & Wellness Program

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

You are never too old or too young to reap the lasting benefits of a cardiac rehabilitation program following a heart related episode. It can improve your lifestyle and help you decrease the chances of a reoccurrence.


Boone Memorial Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation
& Wellness Program is committed to delivering
the best patient care possible.


Cardiac Rehabilitation is a continuous monitoring program consisting of physical exercise and education. It is personalized to meet your needs and our specialists are there with you every step of the way. It can be a scary time after a heart related episode, our specialists understand and will help alleviate your fears.


Our experts have the knowledge and skills to keep your heart healthy and your mind at ease. At BMH, we work to ensure that you maintain your quality of life and are able to participate in the events you enjoy with the people you love.


BMH Cardiac Rehabilitation Services Include:

  • Diagnostic Stress Testing, Cardiac Stress Test

  • Nuclear & Chemical Stress Testing

  • Digital 24-72 Hour Holter Monitor

  • Phase I and Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Cardiac Ultrasounds

  • Exercise Programs to Improve Cardiovascular Function

  • PEIA Weight Management Programs

    • Dietician Services

    • Exercise Physiologist Services

    • Personal Trainer Services


For more information about Cardiac Rehabilitation please contact:

David "Matt" Downey, Director


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