As Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022 kicks off, so do more advanced diagnostic capabilities at Boone Memorial Health (BMH). During a ribbon-cutting event held today, hospital leaders announced completed installation of new, GE Senographe Pristina™ technology that will allow BMH to make 3D digital mammogram screenings available to patients across its service area.

“This new 3D technology improves our ability to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages with clearer, more precise images, while also providing a more comfortable patient experience,” said BMH Executive Director of Ancillary Services Jeff Mosteller.

To celebrate the advancement, and to encourage women to benefit from the new technology as part of their preventive healthcare routines, routine mammogram screenings are being offered half-price throughout the month of October for eligible patients.

To take advantage of Boone Memorial Health’s half-price mammogram screenings, women are eligible to make an appointment directly, without a doctor’s order, by calling (304) 369-8805 now through October 31. Half-price mammogram screenings are available for patients who are 40-74 years old, have never received a breast biopsy or an abnormal spot compression, are not pregnant, and at least one year has passed since their last mammogram. New patients are welcome.

BMH Director of Imaging Services, Tahnee Mullins, emphasizes the importance of having a mammogram, particularly for women ages 40 and over by sharing some meaningful breast cancer facts.

“According to the American Cancer Association, it is estimated that 287,850 new, invasive cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2022, making it the second most common cancer for women in the United States,” said Mullins. “Breast cancer, however, is highly treatable when detected early. That’s why we are so pleased to now offer 3D technology, making earlier diagnosis possible for women across southern West Virginia.”

Boone Memorial Health’s 3D technology also addresses an important factor for many women – comfort during their screenings.

“Too often, women avoid scheduling a mammogram over fear that the exam will be painful,” said Mullins. “The Senographe Pristina addresses that issue with an ergonomic design that offers a faster, quieter exam with greater comfort and less pain during compression.”

The new equipment marks Boone Memorial Health’s latest investment in imaging services technology.

“Over the past two years, BMH has invested over $2 million in our Imaging Services technology, which includes our Ambient Experience MRI, 320-Slice CT Scanner, and now, the GE Senographe Pristina,” said BMH Chief Operating Officer Angie Christian. “These investments represent our commitment to Bringing Medicine Home by providing the latest technological capabilities available for our patients.”

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