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PostHeaderIcon Boone Memorial receives a nearly $32 million loan to build a new hospital

A plan to break ground for a new hospital at Boone Memorial in Madison goes from vision to reality.

In July 2011 the BMH Board of Trustees (now known as the Board of Directors) unanimously agreed to hire a design-build company to allow BMH to move forward with building a brand new hospital. BMH Administrator, Tommy Mullins said they hope to have blue prints and break ground by late summer. The project is estimated to take 24 months from the time of groundbreaking. The hospital will build the new, $34.3 million hospital and clinic space with help from a U.S. Department of Agriculture loan. 

“The Board had many discussions as to whether we should remodel the existing hospital versus build a brand new facility, but they all agreed that the community deserves a fresh, new hospital,” said Mullins. In addition, according to a news release, Boone Memorial’s existing hospital would be “extremely costly to renovate or remodel due to the method of construction.”

In September 2012, the USDA Rural Development program approved a $31.8 million Community Facility Direct Loan to build, equip and furnish the new hospital. Community Facility Direct Loans help develop essential community facilities in rural areas with up to 20,000 in population, according to the USDA.

Boone Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1964 and has been providing health care to Boone County and the surrounding area ever since. A nearly 79,000-square-foot hospital will replace the outdated facility.

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