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PostHeaderIcon Roy B. "R.B." Foster - Appointed as the First Emeritis Board of Trustee's Member

Boone Memorial Hospital is proud to announce that Roy B. “R.B.” Foster has been appointed as the First Ever Emeritis Board of Trustee’s Member. Foster was appointed at the January 2012 Board Meeting. Often, hospitals, independent colleges and universities face the dilemma of retaining the enthusiastic engagement of their best board members, like Foster, so they have various categories or titles that keep productive board members part of the hospital or institution beyond their period of active service on the board.

“Honorary,” “life,” and “emeritus trustee” designations are intended to facilitate interest and some level of engagement (and support) beyond a board member’s formal tenure.

“It makes good sense to keep volunteers like R.B. engaged at a certain level and to honor their past service to the board and BMH,” explained Tommy Mullins, BMH Administrator. “His loyalty, dedication and love for the hospital and all the employees made the decision quite easy,” he added.

Foster was appointed to the Boone Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees in 1990 and  retired from the board on December 31, 2010 after serving over 20 years. When Foster retired he assured BMH and the County Commission that he was not “quitting.” Foster continued to stay active with BMH happenings. Foster told us he had only missed three meetings the entire time he was a board member and he remembers the date of each missed meeting and the reason for his absence.

Foster was on the board for the beginning of BMH’s plan to build a new hospital and remains an integral part in converting the institution into a non-profit hospital, making it easier to raise funds to build a new facility. BMH Administration is still working on establishing non-profit status.



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PostHeaderIcon February 2012 Employee of the Month, Sherri Muncy

Boone Memorial Hospital would like to recognize the February 2012 Employee of the Month – Sherri Muncy. Sherri currently resides in Danville and has been a hard-working, caring and dedicated employee at BMH for 5 years. She is an Emergency Room (ER) Referral Clerk.

“I make appointments for our ER and in-house patients to see Specialists. I schedule out-patient testing and handle pre-certifications for insurance for the tests,” explains Muncy. “I love helping my patients find the right Specialist who will give the best care possible. I am very particular about who I send my patients to see,” she added.

Fellow employees agree that Sherri has a wonderful work ethic and a very positive attitude.

“Sherri is always very sweet and helpful to all the patients and is always willing to help me anytime I need it,” said friend and fellow co-worker Elicia Baisden.

Jean Reynolds, friend and co-worker adds, “Sherri truly cares about the patients and works diligently to get them referred to someone who can help them. She is a wonderful patient advocate and valuable to our team.”

Sherri is the daughter of Drewie & Barbara Meade of Logan. She was born and raised in Logan County, West Virginia and moved to Madison in 1982 to open a small business. She was the previous owner of a jewelry and sporting goods store for 19 years before coming to BMH.

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PostHeaderIcon Employee of the Month January 2012, Melissa Price

Boone Memorial Hospital would like to recognize the January 2012 Employee of the Month, Melissa Price, RN. Melissa, who currently resides in Madison, has been on staff at BMH for nearly 5 years.

Melissa initially began her career at BMH as a Registered Nurse in the ER where she handled patient care, wellness and other patient needs. Currently Melissa serves as a Nursing Educator/Clinical Coordinator. As a Nurse Educator Melissa coordinates educational programs for nursing staff, oversees performance improvement in clinical areas and educates staff on the newly acquired patient simulator, known as SimMan Essential, which is a realistic, full body adult, wireless patient simulator with advanced clinical functionality to teach critical skills to nursing staff.

Melissa attended college at Fairmont State University. She obtained an Associates Degree in Nursing in 2005 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2007.

Melissa has earned respect from her colleagues and patients alike.

"Melissa is a hard and dedicated worker. She puts her best foot forward and strives for perfection. I always miss her if she's off work," said friend and co-worker Angie Hall, RN, Nursing Educator/Clinic Coordinator.

Melissa says the favorite part of her job is making a difference.

“I truly enjoy being able to make a difference in different areas of the hospital and love being able to serve the community I live in,” said Melissa. “I also love working at BMH because here each employee is treated as an individual and not a number,” she added.

David Gresham, Revenue Cycle Manager, commended her work ethic and attitude.

"Melissa is a very enthusiastic individual who will tackle anything you put in front of her. I never worry about the final product with Melissa. I know it will be done right and in a timely manner," said David.

When Melissa isn’t busy working at BMH she enjoys activities at her church. She also loves spending time with her family and husband, Kenny. She and Kenny enjoy attending sporting events together as well. Kenny is a Heavy Equipment Operator at Progress Coal Company and the two are practically newlyweds.

“We were married on August 6, 2011 and are very excited to be expecting our first child in August,” said Melissa.

Melissa is the daughter of Bradley and Joyce Goodwin, Granddaughter of Max and Phyllis Cook, Wanda Goodwin and the late Holly and Palley Goodwin.

Melissa is a member of New Hope Baptist Church where she remains very active in the church choir and with the youth and van ministry. Melissa was recently accepted into Wheeling Jesuit University’s Master’s Degree Program.

Melissa serves on the 2012 Advanced Simulation Practice Council through CHART Institute and is CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), ASLS (Advanced Stroke Life Support) and TNCC (Trauma Nurses Core Course) Certified. She was also recognized for Perfect Attendance at BMH in 2008 and 2009.

Melissa has gained a lot of respect from her co-workers explains Terri Dolin, RN-Director of Emergency Services.

"She's very conscientious about her job and is well respected by her peers," said Terri.

Melissa was honored with a designated parking space and free lunch for the entire month of January and a recognition plaque that is displayed in the front lobby at BMH.

“It was a complete surprise when I received the award but I was very excited and honored,” concluded Melissa.

Congratulations Melissa! We are proud of you!

BMH Administration, Staff, Patients and Board of Trustees



PostHeaderIcon Employee of the Month December 2011, Glenna Haugen

Boone Memorial Hospital would like to recognize the December 2011 Employee of the Month – Glenna Haugen. Glenna currently resides in Verdunville (Logan County) and has been a dedicated, hard-working employee at BMH for nearly 7 years. Glenna is an Emergency Room Charge Nurse and takes on many roles.

“In the ER we wear many hats as I like to say. Of course my most important duty is to give the best care I possibly can to my patients. We are also the transporter, receptionist, respiratory therapist, etc,” explains Glenna.

Glenna attended Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College where she obtained an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. She is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and TNCC (Trauma Nurses Core Course) Certified.

She is very skilled and truly takes pride in her job. Glenna Haugen-Dec 2011 Employee of the Month

“My favorite thing about being a Nurse is taking care of my patients. I love the small atmosphere at BMH. We are like family and it is a very caring place,” said Glenna.

Glenna is very proud of her family. She has been married to Stuard for 18 ½ years. He is one of the House Supervisors at BMH.

“When we got married he was an EMT and I was a CNA. We took turns going to school. I became a LPN then he completed his Paramedic Training. I graduated from SWVCTC Nursing Program in 2003 and he followed graduating in 2005,” explains Glenna.

She and Stuard have 7 children and 1 grandchild; Amber, 21 who is a student at SWVCTC; Britney, 20 who is a stay at home mom to their only grandchild, Jacob; Courtney, 17 – a senior at Logan High School, Michael, 17 and Mitchell, 16 who also attend Logan High School; Madison, 5 who is in Kindergarten and Abigail, 2 who Glenna tells us keeps everyone busy!

“I don’t really have any hobbies of my own. My kids’ hobbies are my hobbies and they keep me busy."

Glenna is very proud of her faith. She has been a Christian since November 7, 1995 and has been a very active youth leader. She and Stuard were also foster parents and adopted 3 children.

In celebration of Glenna’s award, she was honored with a designated parking space and free lunch for the entire month of December and a recognition plaque that is displayed in the front lobby at BMH.

“I was honored and very happy about the parking space,” she concludes.

Congratulations Glenna! We are proud of you!

BMH Administration, Staff, Patients and Board of Trustees




PostHeaderIcon Boone Memorial Hospital Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic and Veteran’s Day Tribute 2011

Boone Memorial Hospital has offered its Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic for the past few years, however, this year Dr. James Walker, a physician at the hospital envisioned an event to recognize military personnel on Veteran’s Day. Therefore, BMH decided to combine the events.

Veteran's Day/Flu Shots 2011-Giving Shots

“We started the Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic a few years ago and it was so successful that we decided to make it an annual event. One year we did it on Halloween and have also offered it during our Christmas events, however, this year when Dr. Walker threw out the idea to host a Veteran’s Day event I jumped on the opportunity and decided to combine the two events,” said Marketing & Public Relations Director, Karlie Belle Price. “Tarah Hager, a Physician Assistant at BMH who serves in the Military gave me a lot of ideas to make the event a success,” Price added.

The hospital offered free flu shots that day to all Veterans and military personnel – those active, retired or honorably discharged. The fee for all Non-Military was only $15.00. BMH also offered free desserts, punch and hot chocolate. An eight foot ‘Wall of Salute’ allowed guests and BMH employees to recognize Military personnel and Veteran’s by placing pictures, stories, names, etc on the wall. All guests received an American Flag Ribbon/Pin and Veteran’s received a red or blue bag and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Nurses Melissa Price and Angie Hall administered the flu shots that day.

“We gave 31 shots, which is a great number considering how many places have been giving flu shots over the past couple of months. We try to make it easy on people. They just have to drive up, roll down their window and get their shot. They don’t even have to get out of the car,” said Melissa Price, RN.

Volunteers from the BMH Pharmacy Department, Kelly Singleton and Angela Marra (4th year Pharmacy Student at WVU) helped with registration.

“It was wonderful meeting so many Veteran’s and Military. They were so sweet and appreciative and I was so happy to be part of the event,” said Singleton.

Boone Memorial Hospital is considering hosting both events again next year.

“We will more than likely do both events, however, we may do the Drive Thru Flu Shot clinic a little earlier next year. In regards to the Veteran’s Day event we would like to offer more health screenings/tests to the Veteran’s in addition to Flu Shots. We are still in the planning stages but plan to make the Veteran’s Day Tribute even bigger and better next year,” said Price.

For more information about future events or services at BMH please call the Boone Memorial Hospital Marketing Director, Karlie Belle Price at 304-369-1230 x431 or 304-437-1572. You can also visit us on-line at www.bmh.org.

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Veteran's Day/Flu Shots 2011-Tarah HagerVeteran's Day/Flu Shots 2011-Veteran's



PostHeaderIcon Employee of the Month November 2011: Melinda Stover

Boone Memorial Hospital would like to recognize the November 2011 Employee of the Month, Melinda Stover, RN. Melinda, who currently resides in Foster, has been on staff at BMH for approximately 6 years.

Melinda initially began her career at BMH as an LPN on the floor while attending college at Mountain State University. As a floor nurse she offered direct patient care and meds. Melinda obtained a BA in Nursing and now works mainly in the Emergency Room at BMH. Her job duties include primary nursing care, triage, patient education and she serves as a patient advocate.

Melinda has earned great respect from her colleagues and patients.Melinda Stover-EOM November 2011

“She is a very hard worker; she’s always willing to help when needed. When we are really busy she is a blessing to have around. Melinda is always a good friend to talk to,” said Tarah Hager, PA-C at BMH.

Co-workers agree that she makes the work day more enjoyable.

“I think she is a good, steady worker. She makes your day easier. She is always smiling,” said Loretta Cornett, OR Tech (Operating Room Technician)/ER Clerk.

“She is very dedicated, fun to work with and a really good friend,” said Missy Mathis, RN.

Melinda says the favorite part of her job is helping people.

“Just making someone feel better, whether physically or mentally is what I enjoy most,” she said. “I also love working at BMH because of the family atmosphere. We all work together for the patients’ well-being,” she added.

Beth Blosser, RN, BSN, CEN, who serves as the ER Nurse and Trauma Program Manager raved about Melinda’s work ethic and character.

“She is very conscientious about her job and gives good patient care. She is very kind and attentive to her patients and is an all around good person.”

When Melinda isn’t busy working at BMH she enjoys reading. She has been married to Warren Stover for 32 years and has one daughter, Lacie, who is 22 years old. Lacie currently attends college at West Virginia State University.

Melinda served on a wound committee on behalf of Boone Memorial Hospital and is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and TNCC (Trauma Nurses Core Course) Certified. She also received an HRSA grant from the federal government in 2009 for working two years in a critical access hospital. She received an additional year in 2011.

Melinda has gained a lot of respect from her co-workers explains Terri Dolin, RN-Director of Emergency Services.

“She's very conscientious about her nursing care and is well respected by her peers. She has earned several advanced certifications in addition to a BSN degree and is always willing to participate in additional courses when available.”

Melinda was honored with a designated parking space and free lunch for the entire month of November and a recognition plaque that is displayed in the front lobby at BMH.

“I was very surprised and pleased to receive this award. It’s nice to hear people say you do a good job. It means a lot to me,” concluded Melinda.

Congratulations Melinda! We are proud of you!

BMH Administration, Staff, Patients and Board of Trustees






PostHeaderIcon October 2011 Employee of the Month: Joe Kinder

Hard-working and dedicated are a couple of the many words used to describe the October 2011 Employee of the Month at Boone Memorial Hospital. Joe Kinder who currently resides in Madison has worked in the Environmental Services Department at Boone Memorial Hospital nearly 5 years.

 Some of Joe’s job duties include floor care, sanitation, linen prep and extermination. Joe also cleans both the Dietary Department and Business offices. He is a great asset to Boone Memorial Hospital and always gives 100%.Joe Kinder - Employee of the Month, Oct 2011

 “Joe is a very dedicated employee; he loves his job and Boone Memorial Hospital and works very well with all of his co-workers. He takes pride in doing an excellent job,” said Rosetta Thurmond, Director of Environmental Services.

 Co-workers agree that Joe is always willing to lend a helping hand.

 “Joe is a pleasure to work with; he is always willing to help out,” said fellow co-worker Billie Nida.

 Joe says the favorite part of his job is floor care and working with staff.

 “I like all of my fellow employees; they are really great to me.”

Joe’s boss Rosetta concurs that Joe is equally as caring to others.

“Joe is very courteous to visitors and staff. He is always willing to help in any way he can if someone is in need,” she said.

“He is a very friendly and hard working employee. I enjoy working with him,” said friend and co-worker, Linda Hager.

Joe has been married for 3 years and he and is wife, Daina, have one son; Jayden Scott Kinder who is 8 months old.

“His wife and son are both so beautiful,” added co-worker, Linda Hager.

“Daina and I met at Special Olympics in Parkersburg, WV. She’s a great wife and mother and manages our finances well,” proudly said Joe.

“She also takes great care of Jayden,” he added.

“Joe is an excellent husband and father,” said Rosetta. “We truly enjoy having him on our team.”

Joe is very close to his family: Parents, Joseph and Penny Kinder of Foster; Brother: Matthew; Sister: Rose Dolin of Foster, the late Sadie Williams of Julian and Uncle: Charles Kinder of Foster.

When Joe isn’t busy working at BMH he enjoys fishing, spending time with his wife and son, traveling and visiting museums and aquariums.

Joe is active in his community. He has been a member of the Special Olympics for 13 years, Building Bridges at Scott High School for 4 years and attends various churches in the community.

“I love to travel,” said Joe. “I have been to 5 States so far.”

Joe was very surprised to learn he had won Employee of the Month.

“I was shocked and excited. I think it is so nice to have this program at BMH. It’s great to get free meals for 30 days and a parking space. Not to mention a picture in the hospital lobby and in the newspaper. All of this, including the certificate and picture with Administrator Tommy Mullins, really makes me feel appreciated,” concluded Joe.

Congratulations Joe! We are proud of you!

BMH Administration, Staff, Patients and Board of Trustees









PostHeaderIcon Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each October Boone Memorial Hospital offers 1/2 price mammograms. Please contact the Radiology Department at 304-369-8805 for details. We have also provided helpful tips to take control of your breast health:

Breast Self-Awareness

Your Breast Care: Helpful Hints for Women

Except for skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, but it can be successfully treated. Screening tests can find cancer early, when it’s most treatable.


Susan G. Komen for the Cure® recommends that you:


1. Know your risk

Talk to your family to learn about your family health history

Talk to your provider about your personal risk of breast cancer


2. Get screened

Ask your doctor which screening tests are right for you if you are at a higher risk

Have a mammogram every year starting at age 40 if you are at average risk

Have a clinical breast exam at least every 3 years starting at age 20, and every year starting at age 40


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PostHeaderIcon Dr. ROBERT CHREST - New to the BMH Emergency Room

Written by: Karlie Belle Price

Boone Memorial Hospital is pleased to have a new doctor on staff. Robert Chrest, originally from Big Chimney, now serves as an ER Doctor in the BMH Emergency Room.

Chrest graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in 1997 and attended Marshall University for his undergrad where he completed 6 years in Biology. Chrest then attended Medical School in Lewisburg and completed his ER Residency in Wheeling.

Prior to coming to Boone Memorial, Chrest worked at Ohio Valley Medical Center, East Ohio Regional Hospital and Weirton Medical Center during his Residency. Chrest’s training and specialization is strictly in ER.

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PostHeaderIcon Bath Salts: Dangerous and Illegal in West Virginia

Information provided by Boone Memorial Hospital Pharmacy Department

(Robert Foster & Janelle Durany-2011)

www.bmh.org ♦ 304-369-1230

Over the past few years bath salts have gained national attention due to abuse of this substance. This has become such a dangerous problem that West Virginia has recently made it illegal for any person to sell, buy, or possess synthetic drugs such as bath salts. Any person engaging in any of these activities can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and can be sentenced to up to six months of jail time as well as fined up to $1,000.  West Virginia state police also report that the new bill not only covers bath salts, but also any analogs or derivates of the drug. Police Sgt. Michael Baylous said that “if someone changes the compound slightly and tries to market it, if we test it and it’s the same thing, it’s still illegal.”

This legal action is very important because of the extreme dangers associated with the abuse of bath salts, not only to the abuser but also for others as well as to the entire community. Bath salts often contain a compound called mephedrone and methylenedioxyprovalerone, known as MDPV. These compounds are classified as stimulants and are considered a synthetic cocaine. As with any stimulant “bath salts” can cause rapid heart rate, chest pains, myocardial infarction (heart attack), anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, sweating, agitation and violence, seizures, suicidal thoughts, and death.

“Bath salts” go by names such as Cloud 9, Blizzard, White Lightning, Hurricane Charlie, Ivory Wave, Ivory Snow, Vanilla Sky, and Red Dove. These substances can be abused many different ways such as swallowed, smoked, snorted, or injected. Even a small amount may cause coma or death.  There is currently no antidote for bath salt overdose and patients can experience symptoms for two to three days and some patients have reported symptoms for as long as ten days.

“Bath salts” are synthetic drugs which are highly addictive as well as very dangerous. They are considered neurotoxins and can affect many different brain functions.  Patient’s behaviors after abusing bath salts are very unpredictable but can be very aggressive and violent. These unpredictable behaviors make this drug very dangerous to not only the patient but also to the entire community. Many people have reported terrifying hallucinations so extreme that they do not know what they are doing nor do they understand why they are engaging in the activity. One such story reports a Mississippi man who had tried every drug from heroin to crack but was so shaken by hallucinations caused by bath salts that he wrote to one newspaper urging people to stay away from bath salts. After getting high from bath salts he slashed his face and stomach. He did survive and still cannot say why he did it.  Another story reports a man that snorted bath salts and endured three days of intermittent delirium.  During his high he just missed major arteries when he cut his throat and as his visions continued his physician and father tried to calm him. Unfortunately, when his father was sleeping he went in another room and shot himself.

If someone you know has overdosed on bath salts call 911 immediately. While waiting for medical help get the patient to a safe area (keeping them away from any weapons, such as knives or guns) and try to keep them calm.





PostHeaderIcon Employee of the Month September 2011: Melanie Harper-Allen

Boone Memorial Hospital would like to recognize the September 2011 Employee of the Month, Melanie Harper-Allen, FNP. An FNP is a "Family Nurse Practitioner," or a nurse practitioner who is trained and board-certified in Family and Community Medicine. Melanie, who currently resides in Madison, has been on staff at BMH for nearly 5 years. She sees patients in the Rural Health Clinic and also assists doctors in the Emergency Room.

Melanie is originally from the Van area, but moved to Huntington to attend college and work. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Nursing as well as a Master’s Degree in Nursing and eventually returned home to Boone County. Melanie has earned great respect from her colleagues and patients alike. Melanie Harper-Allen - Sept 2011 Employee of the Month

"She is very motivated. She sometimes sees up to 50 patients in one day. She is a real go-getter. On a personal level, she is so funny and is truly a great person and a wonderful mother,” said Carol Smith, Referral Clerk at the Rural Health Clinic at BMH.

Co-workers agree that she has a great sense of humor.

“She is an absolute hoot to work with. She always keeps us laughing,” said Debbie Watters, fellow Co-worker.

Melanie says the favorite part of her job is working with patients and staff.

“I love interacting with the public and my co-workers and enjoy helping the public in general. I also like working at BMH because of the tight knit family feeling among my co-workers,” she said.

Fellow colleague Dr. Jennifer Hensley says, “She has one of the best work ethics that I have ever seen in anyone. She has a wonderful personality and is great to work with. She is such a nice person. I am impressed that she comes to work even when other people would call in sick. If she says she will be there then you can count on it.”

When Melanie isn’t busy working at BMH she enjoys traveling, reading and watching TV. Her parents, Lee and Ernestine Harper are retired school teachers from Van. Harper has been married to husband Jason for 13 years and they have one beautiful 6-year-old daughter, Madison.

“Jason and I met during an ATV accident and we have been together ever since. We have been married 8 years,” said Melanie. “He is currently employed at the Department of Highways,” she adds.

Melanie was honored with a designated parking space and free lunch for the entire month of September and a recognition plaque that is displayed in the front lobby at BMH.

“I was very shocked to receive this award but happy,” concluded Melanie.

Congratulations Melanie! We are proud of you!

BMH Administration, Staff, Patients and Board of Trustees








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