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PostHeaderIcon Co-author of ‘Sad, Mad, Glad,’ Jim Strawn speaks at BMH Lunch & Learn

An in-depth look at improving ones’ emotional and mental state of well-being

12/5/2012, MADISON, WV

On Wednesday, November 28th Boone Memorial Hospital held a Lunch and Learn ‘Healthy You’ session. Over thirty individuals including BMH employees and local community members were in attendance.

The session entitled, “Attitudinal Muscles of Your Heart & Soul,” focused on an in depth look at a person’s emotional and mental state of well-being.

“In this presentation I share ways to get people prepared daily to face the pitfalls of life. I teach them how to work on their optimism, patience, humility, forgiveness, humor, respect, empathy, love, faith and more. I truly feel your life’s success is determined by your outlook and attitude toward it,” said presenter, Jim Strawn.

Strawn is a native West Virginian and has been the Director of Marketing and Community Education at Highland Hospital since 1996. He is the co-author of the ‘Sad, Mad, Glad’ books with friend and colleague, Chuck Stump. Jim is very active in his community, firmly believing that community service and volunteerism is the cornerstone of all mankind.

“I cannot do anything about the length of my life, but I can do something about the width and the depth my life runs,” he said.



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PostHeaderIcon Legislators help Boone Memorial Hospital make the transfer of operations from a county owned hospital to a non-profit community hospital a reality


As of July 1, 2012 Boone Memorial Hospital became a community operated 501-c-3 entity. The hospital administration and board had to jump through a few hoops to make the transfer possible – the biggest hurdle being that specific legislation had to be passed before the County Commission could transfer titles. House Bill 2696 would authorize the County Commission of Boone County to transfer its title and interest in Boone Memorial Hospital.Delegate Larry Barker

“We can’t thank Delegate Larry Barker and Senator Ron Stollings enough for their help. Without their dedication and hours of service the transfer would not have been possible,” said Tommy Mullins, BMH Administrator.

Barker explained that a reversion clause was added to the bill.

“The bill was passed to help BMH get a new hospital but if it fails or goes bankrupt then it would go back to the people/taxpayers.”

The County Commission, along with Mullins, Barker and Stollings met late in 2010 and had the bill drafted before session even began in January 2011.

“I got an attorney to review the bill and look at it in length before going into session. I wanted to have it ready as soon as possible. My fear was that other counties may have wanted to do the same thing so I suggested it was introduced as a local bill – one that would not affect any other counties, except Boone. It was something our County Commission wanted and I felt was vital to the future of healthcare in Boone County,” explained Barker.

On January 21st the bill was ready and Barker filed it for introduction. At the same time, Senator Stollings was passing a similar bill on the Senate side.

“All bills must pass through both the House and Senate. It also goes through two different committees before going to the floor. The Speaker of the House places all bills in committees,” explained Barker. “Stollings was instrumental in the process and the Speaker of the House placed the bill in Political Subdivisions. I personally begged Tim Manchin, Chairman of Political Subdivisions to put it on the first agenda and he did. We were very pleased,” added Barker.

Senator StollingsBarker attended the meeting, along with support from County Commission Attorney, Sam Hall and Boone Memorial Hospital Attorney, Robert L. Coffield of Flaherty, Sensabaugh & Bonasso. The Attorneys made the transfer legal and helped support the legislative process.

“It passed and was sent to the Finance Committee,” said Barker. “I went directly to the Finance Chair and explained that there was no cost to the community and no money was involved. We got it to the floor and it was passed on the 2nd day of February and passed on the Senate side on February 15th, 2011. Dr. Stollings helped it go through on the Senate side without any amendments and Governor Tomblin signed it shortly thereafter. I, and all parties involved, was very happy.”

“Barker was the sole sponsor of the bill and he got it passed in record time,” said Mullins.

He made it his top priority and BMH and the people of Boone County will really benefit from his actions. We can now move one step closer to getting a new hospital – one that will provide the same quality healthcare but in a new, modernized facility,” concluded Mullins.



PostHeaderIcon After 48 years Boone Memorial Hospital transfers operations from a county owned hospital to a non-profit community hospital

Since 1964, the year the hospital opened its doors, Boone Memorial Hospital has been a county-owned hospital. However, on July 1, 2012 BMH Inc. as it is now called became a community operated entity.Transfer to Nonprofit-Tommy

“Rather than being a county owned hospital we now have a community operated non-profit. We have obtained the 501-c-3 designation from the IRS,” said Tommy Mullins, BMH Administrator. However, although we have made the change we operate exactly the same way,” he explains.

The Hospital will be run by a community Board of Directors, which at this time remains the same group of Board of Trustees who ran the hospital before the transfer.

The BMH Community Board of Directors consists of Douglas R. Bell, HH “Kip” Howell, James A. “Tony” Hensley (Vice-President), James “Jim” Gore, Robert “Bob” Brown (President), Janet Yeager (Secretary), Thomas Bias, William R. “Bill” Stone, Virgil Underwood and Emeritus member, R.B. Foster.

“Basically nothing changed in the process,” explains Mullins. The Board, Administration, Medical Staff and staffing are the same as before. We operate the same way. Also, if for some reason years later the hospital closes, all of the assets will revert back to the County Commission,” he adds.


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PostHeaderIcon MRI unit at BMH, Inc reaches record high numbers and continues to grow

Boone Memorial Hospital's Radiology Department reached record high patient numbers in April 2012 with their new MRI on-site unit. Rather than using a mobile unit, BMH, Inc now has an on-site unit.MRI unit2

“We saw the need because our patients told us that driving to Charleston is expensive. All of this was in the best interest of our patients and we felt it was important to respond to the community needs. It is all about patient care at home at BMH, Inc.,” explained Tommy Mullins, BMH Administrator.

Mark Linville, Executive Director of General Services at BMH, Inc. shared why he feels the numbers have increased.

“The significance is that we are saving patients time and money from having to go to Charleston or other areas to get their MRI’s. I believe that the numbers have increased because providers value having this tool at their disposal and know we have competent Radiologists reading the studies. Also, we have reduced cost in operating the MRI here on campus versus having a mobile unit coming in.  We can operate this unit more efficient that mobile units.”

The MRI unit has been on-site for several months and has already been put to great use.

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PostHeaderIcon 2012 James F Trusley Employee of the Year Award Terri Dolin

Boone Memorial Hospital would like to recognize the recipient of the 2012 James F. Trusley Employee of the Year Award - Terri Dolin. Terri currently resides in Boone County (Madison) and has been a Nurse at BMH for 5 years. She also worked at BMH previously from 2002-2004 as an ER Staff Nurse, the Education Coordinator in 2007 and Director of Emergency Services from 2008-2011. Terri currently holds the prestigious title of ACNO (Assistant Chief Nursing Officer).

“I have been a nurse for 20 years. I was an emergency room nurse for 15 years and for the past 5 years I have had the opportunity to have a position in nursing administration which has been very challenging and rewarding. I also had the opportunity to work with Home Health, Cardiology and Highland Hospital as additional jobs while working in the ER,” explained Terri.

Terri is originally from the Chapmanville area, but moved to Madison in 2002.

She completed classes in a Pre-Med course at Marshall University then pursued her Nursing Degree at SWVCC in 1992.

“I plan on continuing my Nursing Education in the near future and work towards a Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration,” said Terri.

Terri said the favorite part of her job is helping others.

“I enjoy working on processes geared toward providing quality patient care. It is very rewarding working with a health care team that keeps the patients’ well-being as their priority in every decision that’s made.”

When Terri isn’t busy working at BMH she enjoys spending time with her family, Facebooking and ThirtyOne. She currently attends the First Baptist Church of Danville.


“I am very happy to attend a church with such kind and loving people,” said Terri.

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PostHeaderIcon Boone Memorial Hospital to recognize National Organ Donor Awareness Month

– CORE Encourages Individuals to Give the Gift of Life by Registering to Become an Organ, Tissue and Cornea Donor –

Madison, April 13, 2012 – More than 113,000 people across the country are awaiting an organ transplant, and at least eighteen will die without receiving one.  The Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), a federally designated not-for-profit organ procurement organization (OPO) serving Pennsylvania, West Virginia and parts of New York, is joining the organ donation community once again this Month by commemorating National Organ Donor Awareness Month.  Throughout the month of April, CORE is encouraging individuals to register to become organ, tissue and cornea donors.  CORE-Donate Life

“The number of people in need of transplants far exceeds the number of organs, tissues and corneas that are donated, and at CORE, one of our primary goals is to educate people on the need to make a pledge for life and become an organ, tissue and cornea donor,” said Susan Stuart, president and CEO of CORE.  “In conjunction with OPOs across the nation, we are aiming to meet our goal of registering 20 million people across the country to become donors.  It’s part of Donate Life America’s ‘20 Million in 2012’ campaign.”

Individuals are encouraged to talk with family members and friends about making the pledge to become an organ, tissue and cornea donor. Each person that signs up to become a donor can help up to 50 people in need of a transplant.

Boone Memorial Hospital in Madison, WV is planning several activities on April 20th to commemorate National Organ Donor Awareness Month. Between 11am-1pm employees and the community can stop by the main lobby for cake and punch and also get information about CORE and how to become a donor. The hospital is also asking all employees and other local businesses and organizations to participate in “Flaunt Your Colors” day on April 20th. This national day encourages people to wear green and blue. Participating organizations like Boone Memorial are asked to post a photo of their “green & blue look” to the Center for Organ Recovery & Education’s Facebook page to have the chance at winning a $100 gift card!


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PostHeaderIcon Employee of the Month April 2012, Lois Holliday

Boone Memorial Hospital would like to recognize the April 2012 Employee of the Month – Lois Holliday. Lois has been a dedicated, hard-working Human Resource Assistant at BMH for four years.

Lois Holliday - EOM April 2012

She currently resides in Beckley in Raleigh County.

“I have always lived in Beckley until the year 2000, at which time my husband Richard (who also works at BMH as the Dietary Director) and I moved to Columbus, Ohio for work. We always wanted to come back home to be closer to family, so when the opportunity came up for Richard to come back to BMH, we jumped at the chance. I was offered a position in HR a few months later and was thrilled because that meant we both would be closer to family and friends. We had already made friends at BMH because Richard had worked here before and we knew we would be happy here,” explains Lois.

Fellow employees agree that Lois is a hard worker and has a very positive attitude.

“Lois is so friendly and professional. She is positive, upbeat, energetic and I’m lucky that my office is located next door to hers,” said Marketing and Public Relations Director, Karlie Belle Price. “She is also very helpful. Anytime another employee needs help, Lois jumps up to assist them no matter how busy she is. She’s a team player and works very hard,” added Price.

Executive Director of General Services, Mark Linville, says, “Lois is such a pleasure and delight to work with. She has a bubbly personality that always puts a smile on my face.  There is none more deserving than she for this recognition.”

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PostHeaderIcon Local Girls Become Fitness Stars!

Boone Memorial Hospital’s Community Task Force, All About Health Partners with Girl Scouts to offer Nationally recognized Fit’s Inn Program

Girl Scouts Fits Inn - ZUMBA

Nearly 50 girls from the Boone County area ranging from grades 2-5 participated in the ‘Fit’s Inn’ (Be a Fitness Star) program held on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 at the Danville Community Center. ‘Fit's Inn’ is a unique program designed by the Girl Scouts which provides a fun, easy-to-use approach to fitness with lots of activities for girls to choose from. It is designed as a fun and healthy getaway—just for girls. This national program encourages Girl Scouts to make smart choices about nutrition and fitness.

The Girl Scouts approached (AAH) All About Health, Boone Memorial Hospital Working for a Healthy Community, to coordinate a ‘Fit’s Inn’ Program, similar to the National design and offer it not only to current Girl Scouts but any girl in grades 2-5 interested in learning more about nutrition and fitness.



“The event was also used as a recruiting tool to get more girls to join Scouts,” said Cathy Schrader, Membership Development Coordinator of Girl Scouts of Black Diamond. “We partnered with All About Health (AAH) because their mission is to provide health education to the local community, which is a perfect fit for this program,” she added.

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PostHeaderIcon BMH Nurse Draws Attention at State Capitol-Hospital Day 2012

Various hospitals from across the State of West Virginia attended Hospital Day at the Legislature on February 9th to serve as exhibitors andJoyce Hall-Hospital Day 2012 meet with Legislative Representatives regarding various laws, regulations, etc that affect hospitals State-wide. Boone Memorial Hospital has attended the past two years. This year BMH marketed its services, held a raffle and offered blood pressures and Pulse Ox readings.

BMH Marketing Director, Karlie Belle Price and Joyce Hall, RN attended on behalf of the hospital. Joyce, who was in full nurse's uniform, was quite the celebrity.

"All day long people came up to talk to Joyce, complimented her uniform/hat, etc. She was even interviewed and on the news. She did a great job and truly represented BMH well," said Price. "She was a hit," she added.

Dr. Ron StollingsBoone Memorial Hospital would also like to thank State Senator Ron Stollings who graciously recognized Boone Memorial Hospital during session at Hospital Day. Senator Stollings is a member of the BMH Medical Staff and long-time friend and supporter of the hospital. Stollings served as Key Note Speaker at Hospital Day 2012 and continues to support the WV Hospital Association and its efforts.

Click below to view pics of BMH at Hospital Day:




PostHeaderIcon NOW Offering State-of-the-Art Digital Mammography


Caring for Women is a Way of Life for UsMother and Daughter

Your good health is our top priority. We have recently joined an elite group of facilities across the country that share an important commitment to raising the standard of care for every patient. We are proud to be recognized as a certified Pink Ribbon Facility.

As a Pink Ribbon Facility we take pride in providing every woman that comes to us for a mammogram with a digital mammography exam.

Digital mammography produces images that appear on the technologist’s monitor in a matter of seconds. There is no waiting for film to develop, which means a shorter time spent in the exam, and you may get results the same day.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the latest in digital imaging and call us today for your appointment: 304-369-8805


PostHeaderIcon Roy B. "R.B." Foster - Appointed as the First Emeritis Board of Trustee's Member

Boone Memorial Hospital is proud to announce that Roy B. “R.B.” Foster has been appointed as the First Ever Emeritis Board of Trustee’s Member. Foster was appointed at the January 2012 Board Meeting. Often, hospitals, independent colleges and universities face the dilemma of retaining the enthusiastic engagement of their best board members, like Foster, so they have various categories or titles that keep productive board members part of the hospital or institution beyond their period of active service on the board.

“Honorary,” “life,” and “emeritus trustee” designations are intended to facilitate interest and some level of engagement (and support) beyond a board member’s formal tenure.

“It makes good sense to keep volunteers like R.B. engaged at a certain level and to honor their past service to the board and BMH,” explained Tommy Mullins, BMH Administrator. “His loyalty, dedication and love for the hospital and all the employees made the decision quite easy,” he added.

Foster was appointed to the Boone Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees in 1990 and  retired from the board on December 31, 2010 after serving over 20 years. When Foster retired he assured BMH and the County Commission that he was not “quitting.” Foster continued to stay active with BMH happenings. Foster told us he had only missed three meetings the entire time he was a board member and he remembers the date of each missed meeting and the reason for his absence.

Foster was on the board for the beginning of BMH’s plan to build a new hospital and remains an integral part in converting the institution into a non-profit hospital, making it easier to raise funds to build a new facility. BMH Administration is still working on establishing non-profit status.



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