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Boone Memorial Hospital’s Community Task Force, All About Health Partners with Girl Scouts to offer Nationally recognized Fit’s Inn Program

Girl Scouts Fits Inn - ZUMBA

Nearly 50 girls from the Boone County area ranging from grades 2-5 participated in the ‘Fit’s Inn’ (Be a Fitness Star) program held on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 at the Danville Community Center. ‘Fit's Inn’ is a unique program designed by the Girl Scouts which provides a fun, easy-to-use approach to fitness with lots of activities for girls to choose from. It is designed as a fun and healthy getaway—just for girls. This national program encourages Girl Scouts to make smart choices about nutrition and fitness.

The Girl Scouts approached (AAH) All About Health, Boone Memorial Hospital Working for a Healthy Community, to coordinate a ‘Fit’s Inn’ Program, similar to the National design and offer it not only to current Girl Scouts but any girl in grades 2-5 interested in learning more about nutrition and fitness.



“The event was also used as a recruiting tool to get more girls to join Scouts,” said Cathy Schrader, Membership Development Coordinator of Girl Scouts of Black Diamond. “We partnered with All About Health (AAH) because their mission is to provide health education to the local community, which is a perfect fit for this program,” she added.  


Girl Scouts Fits Inn - Tarah HagerVarious local girls and Girl Scout Troops participated in the day’s activities.


“Specifically we focused on Brownie’s (2nd & 3rd) and Junior’s (4th & 5th)”, said Karlie Belle Price, Chair of All About Health and Marketing & Public Relations Director of Boone Memorial Hospital. “We wanted to keep the age range a little smaller for this first event since our group is limited on volunteers and resources. We thought 2-5 was a good range to begin with,” Price added.


The girls participated in energizers, an obstacle course, ZUMBA and several team building activities throughout the day.


“We also offered a rotation through various health stations: (1) Hand washing/Glow Bug provided by Boone County Extension and the Boone County Health Department (2) Yoga – Provided by local Yoga Instructor Kay Smith (3) Healthy Smoothies & Trivia – Coordinated and led by All About Health Members, Boone Memorial Hospital PA, Tarah Hager & WVU Nursing Student, Candace Rakes (4) Health Jeopardy – Coordinated and led by All About Health Members (5) Jump rope/fitness station - provided by Carelink and (6) Nutrition Game – Provided by Girl Scouts and led by All About Health members and Boone Memorial Hospital Employee Carol Smith,” explained Price.


“Boone Memorial Hospital donated free healthy, bagged lunches for all the girls, troop leaders, volunteers and parents. All About Health also purchased trophies, ribbons, tiaras and wands, which were given to each girl at the end of the day,” said Tammy Prince, Co-Chair of All About Health. Local business, Belle’s Fitness & Event Center also offered use of their Hollywood Stars themed décor.


Girl Scouts also provide bottled water and Gatorade and gave Gift Certificates to each participant. Scout members earned a Fitness Patch after completion of the event.


For more information about the Girl Scouts please contact Cathy Schrader at 304-760-8411. For information about how you can volunteer in the future with All About Health events or become an AAH member contact Karlie Belle Price at 304-369-1230 x431. For information about services offered at the Boone Memorial Hospital please call 304-369-1230 or visit www.bmh.org.

*Pictured above left: Boone Memorial Hospital Physician Assistant, Tarah Hager. Tarah is also a member of the All About Health team.

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