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Boone Memorial Hospital has offered its Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic for the past few years, however, this year Dr. James Walker, a physician at the hospital envisioned an event to recognize military personnel on Veteran’s Day. Therefore, BMH decided to combine the events.

Veteran's Day/Flu Shots 2011-Giving Shots

“We started the Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic a few years ago and it was so successful that we decided to make it an annual event. One year we did it on Halloween and have also offered it during our Christmas events, however, this year when Dr. Walker threw out the idea to host a Veteran’s Day event I jumped on the opportunity and decided to combine the two events,” said Marketing & Public Relations Director, Karlie Belle Price. “Tarah Hager, a Physician Assistant at BMH who serves in the Military gave me a lot of ideas to make the event a success,” Price added.

The hospital offered free flu shots that day to all Veterans and military personnel – those active, retired or honorably discharged. The fee for all Non-Military was only $15.00. BMH also offered free desserts, punch and hot chocolate. An eight foot ‘Wall of Salute’ allowed guests and BMH employees to recognize Military personnel and Veteran’s by placing pictures, stories, names, etc on the wall. All guests received an American Flag Ribbon/Pin and Veteran’s received a red or blue bag and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Nurses Melissa Price and Angie Hall administered the flu shots that day.

“We gave 31 shots, which is a great number considering how many places have been giving flu shots over the past couple of months. We try to make it easy on people. They just have to drive up, roll down their window and get their shot. They don’t even have to get out of the car,” said Melissa Price, RN.

Volunteers from the BMH Pharmacy Department, Kelly Singleton and Angela Marra (4th year Pharmacy Student at WVU) helped with registration.

“It was wonderful meeting so many Veteran’s and Military. They were so sweet and appreciative and I was so happy to be part of the event,” said Singleton.

Boone Memorial Hospital is considering hosting both events again next year.

“We will more than likely do both events, however, we may do the Drive Thru Flu Shot clinic a little earlier next year. In regards to the Veteran’s Day event we would like to offer more health screenings/tests to the Veteran’s in addition to Flu Shots. We are still in the planning stages but plan to make the Veteran’s Day Tribute even bigger and better next year,” said Price.

For more information about future events or services at BMH please call the Boone Memorial Hospital Marketing Director, Karlie Belle Price at 304-369-1230 x431 or 304-437-1572. You can also visit us on-line at www.bmh.org.

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Veteran's Day/Flu Shots 2011-Tarah HagerVeteran's Day/Flu Shots 2011-Veteran's