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Written by: Karlie Belle Price

Boone Memorial Hospital is pleased to have a new doctor on staff. Robert Chrest, originally from Big Chimney, now serves as an ER Doctor in the BMH Emergency Room.

Chrest graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in 1997 and attended Marshall University for his undergrad where he completed 6 years in Biology. Chrest then attended Medical School in Lewisburg and completed his ER Residency in Wheeling.

Prior to coming to Boone Memorial, Chrest worked at Ohio Valley Medical Center, East Ohio Regional Hospital and Weirton Medical Center during his Residency. Chrest’s training and specialization is strictly in ER.

“During Residency I spent a lot of time on high risk Emergency topics and prevention of Mal-practice; things we don’t want to miss. I had a special interest in high risk emergency medicine topics and did training for such,” he explained.

Chrest mainly works night shift at BMH and is truly happy to be back in the area.

In Medical School I signed on with BMH and they helped me with tuition about 7 years ago. Although I do have a commitment to meet, I had truly always hoped to work at Boone Memorial and plan to do so for the long-term. I am happy to be here.” said Chrest.

Chrest and his in-laws have close ties to Boone County.

Chrest’s wife (formerly Alisha Bolton) is from Boone County and graduated from Scott High School in 1997.

“She is happy to be close to home and we both like being closer to Alisha’s parents, Leonard and Corny Bolton.”

Chrest and Alisha met in 1998 at Marshall University and have been together about 13 years. The two were married in 2006 and have one son, Easton, who is 2 ½ years and one girl on the way - due November 18th.

Chrest and his family now reside in the Charleston area.

“The reason we selected Charleston is so we can still be close to Alisha’s twin sister, Amanda, who lives in Proctorville and also be close to my family and friends in Charleston. This was a great location for us,” explained Chrest.

When Dr. Chrest isn’t busy working he enjoys any outdoor activities.

“I love to hunt and work with automotives; I spend a lot of time in the garage. I like motorcycles and love to ride. Most importantly I enjoy spending time with family and friends and am still trying to get caught up with friends I haven’t seen since 97.”

Chrest concludes by telling us why he enjoys working at Boone Memorial.

“Without a doubt it’s a very friendly and caring staff and such a supportive Administration. I really like it here.”

To contact the Emergency Room at Boone Memorial Hospital call 304-369-1230 x250.


*Pictured to right: (Dr. Chrest with wife Alisha and son Easton)