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The pharmacy at BMH is in control of all medications administered or prescribed to its patients. A strict and accurate control method is continually maintained of all Imagemedications in stock and those issued to the emergency room or nursing unit. Boone Memorial provides pharmacy programs that help assure safe and effective medication treatment regimens.

Patients and their families need to choose healthcare facilities that actively utilize programs that decrease the chance of medication error. Even though Boone Memorial is a small hospital, the pharmacy must provide the same services and keep the same drugs as a large hospital.

The services currently provided by the pharmacy and the effects they have are listed below.

  • Unit-dose drug distribution - proven to decrease medication errors dramatically.
  • Full I.V. Admixture and Nutritional Support Services - protects against infection by contamination of I.V. and decreases errors.
  • Drug Formulary - provides medications that match patient needs and staff expertise to maximize treatment effectiveness.
  • Medication Error Reduction System.
  • Antibiotic Review Process.
  • Patient medication regimen monitoring program.
  • Medication Utilization reviewing Process.
  • Pharmacy and Medical Staff Program - assures that medications are being used according to current standards of practice.
  • Continuing Education Service - provides information and training to pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and others as needed.

Open and staffed 365 days per year.
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