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We have respected Cardiologist, Scott E. Miller reading our cardiac related studies. All other nuclear medicine exams are read by our on staff radiologists.Image

Some of the studies included are Treadmill/Pharmacological Nuclear Stress Tests, Bone Scan & 3-Phase Bone Scan, HIDA Scan, Renal Scan, Thyroid Scan (no uptake), Parathyroid Scan, Gastric Emptying Study, Liver/Spleen Scan, Gated Blood Pool (MUGA), and Brain Scan.

Our technologists are licensed by the NMTCB and the State of West Virginia.

Your Nuclear Medicine studies can be read in abut 20 minutes when necessary any time day or night. We can also have your x-rays faxed for an immediate reading.

Please tell your Doctor where ever he or she is that you want your Nuclear Medicine studies performed at Boone Memorial Hospital, where the atmosphere is more like home and the parking is free.

For Nuclear Medicine information contact

Jeff Mosteller, CNMT
304.369.1230 Ext. 285